Are You Eligible to Receive the Certificate?

Both professionals and OSU graduate students are eligible for the OSU S.A.G.E. Certificate of Completion in Gerontology from the Office of Geriatrics and Gerontology; however, some exclusions apply. 

Who is eligible for the Certificate?

All professionals seeking continuing education are eligible for the Certificate of Completion in Gerontology.  All OSU graduate students not enrolled in the Specialization in Aging are eligible for the Certificate.

Who is excluded from earning the Certificate?

OSU graduate students enrolled in the Specialization in Aging Program are not eligible for the Certificate if the OSU S.A.G.E. Program credit hours will be applied towards the required 14 credit hours for the Specialization in Aging Program.  Academic credit hours cannot be applied twice for two different educational programs; they can only be applied once or to one program. 

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