Each course in the 2017 OSU S.A.G.E. Series offers 7 hours of continuing education credit (or 21 hours for the Series). 

Continuing Education Tuition:

Spring Semester 2017:  $550 for Introduction to Gerontology (due December 5, 2016)

Summer Semester 2017:  $550 for Case Studies in Clinical Gerontology (due April 3, 2017)

Fall Semester 2017:  $550 for Issues and Trends in Aging (due August 1, 2017)

2017 OSU S.A.G.E. Series Tuition:  $1,650

OSU Employees are eligible for a significant discount. Please email Michelle.Myers@osumc.edu for more information.

Tuition may be paid for each course separately by due dates outlined above, or for the entire Series according to the due date of the first course of your enrollment.

NOTE:  OSU Graduate Students earn 2 hours of graduate credit per course, and must register with the OSU Registrar as well as on the S.A.G.E. site.  Graduate student fees are paid through the Registrar.  Please contact Program Staff at 614-685-5672 with questions.

Institutional/organizations discounts are available.  Please contact aging@osu.edu for more information.